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Snook of a Lifetime


There are only a handful of inshore fishing guides in Florida who specialize in targeting trophy snook, and Capt. Saki stands among the top of them.  Many other guides claim to specialize in snook fishing; however, Capt. Saki has been catching MONSTER snook all over the state since he was a teenager.  Many avid fishermen don’t realize that there are very specialized tactics which can be used to target ONLY large snook (15 to 35lbs), and Capt. Saki has been developing those tactics for over 20 years.  One important aspect of this type of fishing is that it occurs primarily at night and early morning (between 9:00PM and 3:00AM).  Snook are highly evolved “ambush” feeders, meaning they often wait in protected areas allowing them to hide until a food source worth their while comes along for them to engulf.  The cover of darkness aids in the snook’s ability to conceal itself, making them primarily nocturnal feeders.  Another important aspect of nighttime snook fishing is that there is considerably less boat traffic than during the day, allowing big snook to be more comfortable with their surroundings and thus more likely to eat.  You often won’t encounter another boat all night long when fishing some of Capt. Saki’s favorite locations. 

Another of Capt. Saki’s tactics includes using only large, lively baitfish which are needed to entice the biggest of snook in a given location. Trophy snook don’t want to spend a lot of energy chasing small baits often used by other guides.  Keeping many large baitfish healthy over the course of a night requires specialized equipment not often found on conventional inshore boats.  When Capt. Saki had his boat custom-built from the ground up, he made a point to have a very large baitwell installed for the sole purpose of keeping these large baitfish healthy, proving how serious he takes this type of fishing.

Capt. Saki has the knowledge, tackle, and the passion to see someone catch a snook of their lifetime!!


Capt. Saki