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Fishing for the Silver King

Boca Grande, Florida– Tarpon Capital of the World

Saki Tarpon


Capt. Saki specializes in catching giant tarpon in world renowned Boca Grande.  Every year between the middle of April through July, hundreds of thousands of giant tarpon make their yearly migration to the areas surrounding Boca Grande Pass at the mouth of Charlotte Harbor.  These giant tarpon, ranging from 80 to over 200 pounds, fill the pass to spawn and to gorge themselves on the ever-plentiful bait supplies consisting of crabs, shrimp, and bait fish.  It is very common to see hundreds of huge tarpon crashing through the surface of crystal clear waters all at once.  This is a site that every true tarpon enthusiast needs to experience at least once in their lives.  Capt. Saki has been fishing the waters around Boca Grande since early childhood, and is close acquaintance with some of the true pioneers that first discovered the secrets of tarpon fishing in Boca Grande Pass many years ago.    


Beach Fishing in Boca Grande

Saki Tarpon 2

Capt Saki also specializes in fishing the calm, secluded beaches surrounding Boca Grande Pass.  This method gives the angler a more personalized fishing experience away from the hustle and bustle of the pass.  Beach fishing involves the use of quiet, electric trolling motors which allow the captain to stalk pods of tarpon that often cruise the beaches only a few feet from the sand.  This is a live bait technique where the captain watches for dark pods of tarpon swimming just under the surface of the air-clear water in attempt to allow his anglers to cast their bait at individual or small numbers of fish.  This “sight fishing” truly tests the skills of both captain and angler alike and is the definition of sport fishing for tarpon.  Capt Saki often guides his anglers to numerous big tarpon while not coming across another boat for hours.  Successful beach fishing for tarpon is only done by the most experienced guides, who know where the fish will be given any environmental conditions.


Fishing the “Hill Tides” in Boca Grande

Saki Tarpon 3


Fishing the “Hill Tides” is the heart and soul of tarpon fishing in Boca Grande.  Every year, around the full and new moon cycles in May and June when the tides are the strongest, hundreds of thousands of silver dollar sized “pass crabs” are flushed out of the back country of Charlotte Harbor.  The presence of all this “tarpon candy” triggers a tarpon feeding frenzy the likes of nowhere else in the world.  There is no need for the captain to go to the bait shop before these afternoon tides, as anglers will fill up their own bait well by using long dip-nets to scoop up as many crabs as they might need to fish a full tide.  When the crabs and tarpon finally meet in the pass, you will then understand why Boca Grande is the best place in the world to fish for giant tarpon.


Capt. Saki